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L. David Roper, Physicist

You probably find it difficult to believe that we used to drive cars in which we exploded a dangerous liquid, called gasoline or diesel, to propel it. It took us a long time to realize that using electrons to propel …Read more

Kelcie Hollingsworth

I am sorry. For what we did to the air, what we put in the water, and what we did to the trees. I'm sorry that we did not think ahead, that we didn't think about your future and only …Read more

Heather Karlson (on behalf of kids in The Global Warming Express), Board Member, The Global Warming Express

I am submitting this letter on behalf of 12 elementary school students who are members of The Global Warming Express, a kids' based think tank on climate change (Lucia, Phoebe, Aiden, Mags, Liliana, Taylor, Tenzin, Asha, Spencer, Hawk, Haley, and …Read more

Carol Davis, Sustainability Manager

It took all we had, but in the end we won. Do you remember our names? Each one of us was born into a world where we had a hopeful future - and we felt at the very least we …Read more

Carol Davis, Sustainability Manager

Can you forgive us? Your lives are so much harder than they had to be. Does it matter to you that many of us tried? Does it matter to you that I tried? We tried so hard - we devoted …Read more

Christine Colasurdo, Writer

Dear Children of the Future: Are you alive and well on a healthy planet? This is the question that worries many in my generation: have we Homo sapiens destroyed future viability for ourselves and other species? Have we gone too …Read more

Sierra Baer

Dear Future Generations, While I have not been on earth as long as other members of my family, I have still grown to know of the concerns that we face in dealing with climate changes. I use to be able …Read more

David Corney, Accountant

Dear Descendants, I hope you are living well. The early 21st century has been a dark period in world history. Socialist forces and rent seekers, masquerading as people concerned with climate change (caused by increasing levels of CO2), have been …Read more

Traci Elizabeth, Environmental Activist, Travel Writer, Author

In my time, I was a child whose world consisted of green trees, summer breezes, fresh air and blue skies. Within my lifetime, it changed. No windows open due to ozone warnings. Sky coated with a yellow brown haze, like …Read more

Carmen Stanescu, Writer

I do not want to leave you as legacy a land barren and poisoned by Chevron which when it first came to our country bribed the authorities to beat us and humiliate us, to determine us to cede our lands …Read more

Kate Warner, Architect, Baker, Environmentalist

Dear Future Children of this Earth, As I write this letter to you, the world is on a collision course because of Climate Change. Leaders, corporations and people are so busy thinking of their short term interests and most seem …Read more

Olivia James, Healer and Bookkeeper

I believe that those who can read this letter and have survived the Great Anger will be few. NOT because there will be so few people: those who live will feel rich, feel abundance and have a new world to …Read more

Paul Hanson, Farmer

Dear Future People of the Earth, I hope this message finds you in good health. I hope you find the messages we send into the future, purposefully or otherwise, deserving of your approval. For now, the messages being broadcast around …Read more

Meow Kitty, Cat

Dear Kittens of the Future, There is much news to share with you from the Cat world of 2015. People say Cats have taken over the internet, so here I am leaving this note of my adventures. I was born …Read more

Naomi Ragen, Author

To the children of my children's children. Many years ago the world felt endangered. It felt that that somehow because of air pollution, the planet was getting warmer and warmer. They worried that the ice caps would melt, the coasts …Read more

Silvana Beatriz Martins

Perhaps, when the drinking water misses and the weather is so severe that people will have to hide in dark underground tunnels, asphyxiating by the dust carried by the dry winds, I will not be on Earth any more. But …Read more

Dion Lewis, Scientist

Sorry. You know... For everything. I'm embarrassed, writing to you; civilized, knowledgeable, peaceful, happy, wise. My membership in time is an abhorrent way to be, can you transport me? Your history teaches that we were troglodytes who became territorial-squabbling-troglodytes. Trivial, …Read more

Carolyn Caywood, Librarian

I can see you fishing on the reef where my house used to be. But I can't see whether you fish for pleasure or in desperation for protein. Is the dissolving concrete from our buildings balancing the acid rain to …Read more

George Kosmopoulos, Socio-Informatician

Future, The Paris Talk weren't it. No leader was humble enough to propose a dream that his citizen would have wished for. So many times, so many humans have learned too much from their painful moments, and became too risk-averse. …Read more

Kenneth Kirkconnell, Unemployed

Two important things I was told in the days of ‘innocence,’ as I too was once a child. We are moving into a future where we will all become more of a number as opposed to someone with a name. …Read more

Stele "XOEarth Man" Ely, Eco Action Educator

Hello Future Earth Peeps And Critters, Below is my vow to you to take actions that will extend the life of this dying biosphere by 1 minute so that you will get more fun time on this planet. Before I …Read more

Violet Jarasitis, Student

The generations before me used this beautiful Earth as a huge garbage can. I am sorry for this. We now know that the resources of out planet are limited and that we are merely visitors on this land. I hope …Read more

Sandra Cruze, Hair Stylist

Lucia this is for you, your children and your children’s children. This coming week is historic. Community representatives from all over the world are gathering in Paris to hammer out an environmental plan that will be a defining moment for …Read more

Brian Crawford, Architect

Dear humanity, This letter is intended for future generations who wonder what has happened to the people who inhabited these massive ruins we called modern cities. In my times, the earth was a different place: we had only begun to …Read more

Dawn Tucker, Seeking Full Time Employment

I fully expect this letter to be floating around, landing long enough for a random stranger to read it and toss it into the wind. Hi. I'm Dawn- I helped cause these ruins. I never had kids because I saw …Read more

Kevin Hecht, Environmental Protection Engineer

Greetings, Descendants! I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing from 2015, and what a year this has been. 2015 was the year of the Paris Climate Change Talks. I sure hope we got it right this time. …Read more

David Kendall, Retired Marine Biologist

I am writing this letter to the future grandchildren's grandchildren to inform them of what we hope will happen at the Paris Climate Change Conference. I am a retired Marine Biologist, who has devoted my entire career to protecting marine …Read more

Grunt 242, Homelessness

SINCE u are reading this now
THEN it means that somehowRead more

Jessica Summers, Fashion/Interior Designer/Artist

To anybody that might be reading this, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry! I don't think I have the vocabulary to even describe the pain I have felt--mind, body and soul--when I think about the things we could …Read more

Robin Kristufek, Public Health Nurse

Dear Great great grandchildren, You must be wondering “Why??? Why can we only walk on 1% of earth’s land? Why are water and soil so poisonous that our mother does not let us touch it in some places? Why are …Read more

William Kowinski, Writer

Not all our problems in my time had to do with language, but some of them did. At first we had the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming, which didn’t sound nearly as bad as they are. Who doesn’t like a …Read more

Loren Petrich

Dear Future Generations, As I write this, I ask: can my fellow citizens of Planet Earth can develop renewable energy sources fast enough? That is a vital part of reducing carbon emissions, because it avoids forcing an awkward choice between …Read more

Mony Shohadaee, Retired Professional Educator & Writer

Walking each morning on
a pasture sprinkled with tiny drops of dawn,
I could barely feel on my bareRead more

Victoria Frey, Student

Dear Future Generates, You've all probably heard of dinosaurs, the almost mythical creatures that roamed the earth millions and billions of years ago, and we are still finding out more and more about them. Do you ever think about how …Read more

Yunni Min, UWT Student

To my future children, I hope by the time you read this that our world has changed. Right now I live in a world where people are dying from just breathing in the air outside because of pollution. I live …Read more

David Gregory, Radiographer

Today it was announced that a deal had been struck and all the political leaders congratulated themselves on taking action. That political theater- as you well know- proved to be folly. Humans have once again shown themselves to be all …Read more

Wythe Holt, Retired Law Professor

I live by the sea. I am 73, so I probably won't see the ocean come up to my front door and eventually ruin my home, but that has become inevitable with the essential failure of the Climate Change talks. …Read more

Sue Chehrenegar, Freelance Writer

To my granddaughter and all those who are members of her generation: I still remember the time that I talked about celebrating the first Earth Day back in 1970. That was on the day that you had turned four, and …Read more

Martin Gugino, Computer Analyst

Yes we knew. But there were other problems as well, as bad. And the need to make dinner and go on with life. In the United States, and increasingly in the rest of the world, there was the takeover of …Read more

Angela Glore, Parent/Non-profit Director

My sweet girl, When you were born, we decided you would be our only. This decision was born from the same place as our vegetarianism -- we want to live lightly on the Earth. I think about your future all …Read more

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