Mony Shohadaee
Retired Professional Educator & Writer
Nashville, Tennessee, United States


“There's still some time to get this done!”

Walking each morning on
a pasture sprinkled with tiny drops of dawn,
I could barely feel on my bare
feet the beating of your heart
I look at a once upon a time blue sky now darkened by smog and I can feel your pain.
I run and embraced a now dead tree on the back yard... same tree that witnessed our children's childhood.
I could feel your tears falling on my face
I kissed your trunk with hope
I walked to the small creek that runs along our home, and
I could feel running through my fingers tiny fish struggling to stay alive in a water today polluted by chemicals.
I can feel your tears mixed with mine running down my face.
I can feel our deep connection you gave us birth Mother Earth,
our umbilical cords are still connected...
Please don't lose hope!
We, your children are waking up from a dark dream
Don't lose hope!
We love you!
We always will!
I placed my ears on the ground, I closed my eyes and I could hear the cry of slaughtered whales. & baby dolphins.
Don't lose hope Mother Earth!
I can feel your pain
I am a mother too.
Hear us out!
We are united to heal your wounds,
to see your smile again reflected on pristine and clear waters,
On blue skies, and living trees.
Stay awake! don't lose hope!
We love you, we know of our mutual dream to see the smiles of many generations to come.
We are your children!
Mother Earth
We promise
today we're united,
and together we will heal your wounds!
There's still some time to get this done!

Mony E Shohadaee
Nashville, TN USA