George Kosmopoulos
Brussels, Belgium, Belgium

We all want a change for all of us

“Cooperation has achieved so much, alas with invisibility. It is one of the forgotten patterns of history, like peace.”


The Paris Talk weren't it. No leader was humble enough to propose a dream that his citizen would have wished for. So many times, so many humans have learned too much from their painful moments, and became too risk-averse. Not understanding the reality in front of their eyes, they understood the reality they thought they ought to understand. Their reality was too often a reality of the past.

The world was changing too fast and the structures in place were too stubborn in their wish to exist when there were no more need for them to exist. Structures, made by people, written down on paper, existing in all human dimensions, that were driving the people and with them there sense of what ought to stay and change. Each structure competing against each other for their sense of the common good, forgetting that the common good was cooperation.

Cooperation has achieved so much, alas with invisibility. It is one of the forgotten patterns of history, like peace. You'll remember them better than we did. You'll be able to look back and see that we were trying our best in our current emancipation. What would bring down the rest of the shackles that we still carry, and with us our global civilization? We know they'll be brought down, but we don't know when and how.

We know we have the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is the document that should save us. Our administrators should only be concerned with the constant achievement of these rights, all of them. Decisions made that have consequences on human environment and politics ought to be made to go towards achieving what this document intended us to achieve, universally.

We are risk-averse, and as society grows, risks grow for our leaders with each of their moves. And while they fear financial viability, they do not dare to jump the jump we all want them to make: make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights true, so sustainable prosperity can exist for all on one Earth.