Meow Kitty
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


“People say Cats have taken over the internet, so here I am leaving this note of my adventures.”

Dear Kittens of the Future,

There is much news to share with you from the Cat world of 2015. People say Cats have taken over the internet, so here I am leaving this note of my adventures.

I was born wild in California. A rescue group of people found me wandering the streets when I was three months old. I led them to my litter mates, three more boys. I was having fun exploring and hunting for food. September nights were getting cold. They took us to a shelter. One brother and I were adopted. Somebody did not keep me. Somebody sold me as a purebred to people that moved to Nevada.

My new home was confusing. I was let out the back door, left alone outside long times. The people were not always home, the door was not always open. I felt unwanted. So, I wandered my new neighborhood like when I was a kitten. It was different here, so hot the ground burned my paws. No green grass to roll around in or eat. It is dust and rocks. Cats know how to navigate in nature, we have strong instinct. I found cool places to hide. At dusk, I stopped by people’s houses. Sometimes they’d pet me. Sometimes they’d leave out food.

One night in April, I was out till 9:30pm. I sat by a door with a light on and waited. A beautiful lady opened the door and saw me. It was love at first sight. She picked me up and hugged me. I snuggled, purred and wrapped my paw around her. She said she was going to keep me forever. I finally had a home - with warm blankets to nest in, my own pillow, fish with sauce, kisses, and toy mice to hunt.

Mommy tells me bed time stories. When she was a girl everyone had a green backyard. A house across the alley had pine trees, plants, cherry trees and kittens! One day it was all gone. Somebody chopped down trees and ripped out the garden. Leaving it empty. Just dirt. The cat family went away. She said a lot of the world is becoming like that due to climate change. People are interfering with nature. And feral stray cats taken to shelters are often put down and don’t get a family.

Dear Kittens, I hope your world is still wild and green.