Naomi Ragen
Jerusalem, Israel

The Real Changes in Climate that Doom the World

“But the world was busy worrying about dangers from heat, ice, and snow. Too busy to worry about the real enemies of mankind.”

To the children of my children's children.

Many years ago the world felt endangered. It felt that that somehow because of air pollution, the planet was getting warmer and warmer. They worried that the ice caps would melt, the coasts would be flooded. They worried that animals that live in the icy regions would grow extinct.

At the same time as they worried about climate change, and held emergency conferences to combat it, thousands of innocent people from all over the world were being targeted and murdered by Islamic terrorists, who believed all people should believe in their one faith, Islam, their prophet, Mohammed, and their book, the Koran. They called all those who didn't -Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc.- "infidels" who had to convert, become their slaves, or die.

But the world was busy worrying about dangers from heat, ice, and snow. Too busy to worry about the real enemies of mankind.

Your great, great, great, grandmother was a writer. She tried to tell her generation about the real changes that doomed the world. She told them about the changes in the social climate that worried her much more than heat or cold: that it was now okay for parents to incite their children to murder and die in the name of their ideology; years ago, these children would have been removed from such abusive homes. She told them that it was suddenly all right to stifle free speech in the name of political correctness, that newspapers and all other members of the fourth estate vital to democracy had become propaganda organs furthering the beliefs of their writers, who ignored the facts. She told them that terror states like Iran were developing a nuclear bomb which would spell the real end of life on earth, much more than the false, disproven statistics of scientists with an agenda who held a conference to talk about the weather, which we can do nothing about.

It made no difference if the Paris Climate Conference succeeded or failed, because it didn't address the real dangers to your future. If you are reading my letter, it means the world woke up in time to do battle with fanatic extremists with nuclear weapons who wanted to destroy all chance for life on earth to continue.