The Paris Climate Talks

World leaders convened in Paris in December of 2015 for the historic U.N. climate talks, a gathering many believed to be humanity’s last chance to address the crisis of our time. Letters to the Future was conceived to ask authors, artists, scientists and others to write to future generations predicting the success or failure of the talks.

Letters to the Future was a resounding success (see below) and selected letters were published in 40 alternative weeklies and other media across the country, garnering four million print readers and 11 million unique visitors online. The Project sent letters to hundreds of targeted delegates and citizens before they convened in Paris.

A Follow-up Call To Action

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the talks, much is happening around the world to combat global warming. But the effort launched in Paris faces great roadblocks in 2017 and beyond, particularly considering the results of the recent U.S. presidential election. Letters To The Future hereby presents an anniversary update article that will appear in participating publications across the country. Written by award-winning environmental journalist Alastair Bland, the story illustrates the progress made this past year – and the enormous challenges that lie ahead.