Carol Talmage
Retired from Human Services
Lincoln, Vermont, United States

Go to the Light

“And we knew. We knew. Do not tell me we did not know!”

Dear future generations,

On what we have done in the 20th century:

Technology before wisdom, greed before love, wealth before compassion. Too much, too big – unless you have nothing. Oil spills, plastic pervades, species disappear. Climate changes, ice melts, storms rage, soil blows, lungs gasp, reefs pale.

And we knew. We knew. Do not tell me we did not know!

Comfort over expediency, gratification over debt. Complacency. GNP, profit, profit, corporate take-over. Oligarchy.

It’s all about the money. And now we know.

On the brink.

Will there be a paradigm shift? A greening? Hurry. Hurry. Get carbon emissions down. Compassion, love, healing energy for Earth and all her glory up. Get it up!

NOW! NOW! Wake up, people. It has to come from the people – all the people. Take it back. Make it right.

Too late for a total fix, Pandora is out of her box, a chain of reaction already sliding.

The permafrost is about to go and what a big bang that could be.


But we can mitigate pending disaster, leave something in-tact for you. We still can.

We will. We will.

At least, we can, we could. We can do anything. If we will…

My hope, my vision, is a greening for you. A reaction to what WE have done, so PROFOUND to be metamorphous. A new Mankind where wisdom and sensitivity reign. A bright, light, green, compassionate world.

The alternative is as grey and bleak and foul as fossil fuel.

Go to the light children, go to the light.

Born in 1947 BP (Before Plastic)