Sunday Larson
Writer, Charm Designer, Teacher
Sedona, Arizona, United States

Go Deep First, then Far

“Life is not all about you.”

Dear Future Me, and Those Who Will Again Follow Me,

Lessons learned:
Make your imprint with bare feet and hands.
The only true universal is the local experience. Go deep before going far.
Acquiring new is never best. There's always another use, another way to use.
Love your leavings by remembering the Art of the Daily Broth.
Give until it hurts. Re-read The Gift by Lewis Hyde.
Making Meaning isn't about Making Stuff.
The real gold is called compost.
Create compostables. Stuff doesn't have to last forever.
Use what you have until it's used up. New and trendy is tacky and tasteless.
Honor those who went before you, hold a lamplight for those who follow you.
Owning anything is false pleasure. Experience more, acquire less.
Life is not all about you. Other care matters at least as much as self-care.
There's more, but saying and having less is always better.
I pray the world is such that these words matter.
Sunday Kristine Larson