Michael de Guzman
Seattle, Washington, United States


“Never stop fighting for the future of your children, and theirs.”

Dear Boychiks,

When you are my age, this century will be three-quarters over. I think the world will be vastly different in some ways, and much the same in others. Air and water will certainly be more polluted than they are now. Drought will continue to shift populations. The oceans will still be rising. I find little in the behavior of world leaders who meet to deal with these issues that encourages me. Hopefully I am wrong. But I am encouraged by the possibility your generation offers. I believe the future rests with you and those who follow. I apologize for the enormous mess we created. Many of us tried, but there were too many who either didn't see the danger, or didn't care. Stand up for the heritage which is yours. The well-being of your home. The planet Earth. Never stop fighting for the future of your children, and theirs.

Love, Grandpa.