Kevin Wolf
Cohousing and Wind Energy Advocate
Davis, California, United States

The Seventh Generation

“To give your generation a chance to live on a healthy planet, we have to make our government represent the seventh generation and not the 1 percent who now hold most of the control.”

Dear future generations,

I am writing to you at a time of transition. Most of us now understand that pollution from the industrial age, especially from the last 30 years has amassed to a level that global warming, soil loss, species extinction and environmental decay is going to be nearly impossible to stop. Most of us don’t want to think about it, but in our hearts we know that our generations are burdening yours with huge problems. I am sorry for this, but I do want to tell you that many of us are trying to help you.

It is never easy to be good parents, hold down jobs, cook good food every day, keep relationships with our friends and family, and volunteer where we can. It is especially difficult when there are incredibly compelling TV shows to get hooked on, computer games to play, massive advertising to get us to drink more, and way too many things to read and do. It is tough not to just numb ourselves from the knowledge of how badly we are leaving this planet for you to live on. This isn’t a good excuse, but it is what stops many of us from doing what really needs to be done.

I do have hope that enough of our generations (history says about five percent is all that is needed) will be able to resist numbing ourselves and put time into what is really needed to give your generations a chance. We need to wrest away the power of the wealthy and the corporations to buy elections and our elected officials. If just a few of us in each neighborhood would commit to a few hours a week starting about three months before each election, we could talk to every household in our precinct, help register and get to the polls those who won’t otherwise vote, and help counter the incessant advertising against the initiatives and candidates that will best help those who don’t already have power in our society.

I hope enough are realizing that in this democracy in which we live, it is through elections that power is held. To give your generations a chance to live on a healthy planet, we have to put our time into making our government represent the seventh generation and not the 1% who now hold most of the control and whose status, wealth and self-centeredness prevents them from even thinking about you. 2016 will be a key year in what kind of a planet you inherit. Know that some of us are trying hard to help you.

Co-founder of N Street Cohousing (, co-founder, Wind Harvest International (