Janette Dean
Environmental Policy & Human Rights Advocate
Washoe Valley, Nevada, United States

Did Enough of Us Rise Up in Time for You?

“Calling out to the galaxies of the cosmos, I pleaded for help as a 4.5 Billennia Earthling.”

October 19, 2015 A.D.

Dear Earthlings of the Future,

I hope there will be some of you able to not just survive, but to truly thrive and treasure your lives for millennia to come! You see, I can not be certain about humanity's fate nor so many species' fate due to the thoughtless and escalating harm that we in the 19-21st centuries A.D. did to our exquisitely beautiful and irreplaceable home, planet Earth.

I want you to know that I tried to sound the alarms even louder for all to better hear and act, and I tried to personally do all I could to help protect planet Earth and its extraordinary life forms. I became an environmental activist and gave it precedence over other more joyful life priorities, and I also learned as much as I could at my local university and from organizations all over the world such as Stockholm Resilience Centre whose team has been working quickly to find answers and share solutions as in their free "Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities" course. Over the last three years as well, while seeing our environmental crises worsen and accelerate, I also tried to obtain help from ANYWHERE in the universe with fervent SOS calls. The attached 99-word short story explains.

Love and best wishes to any beings left,
Earthling Janette Noelle Dean
39.30 Latitude / -199.78 Longitude

A 99-word short story that is non-fiction, not science fiction:


Calling out to the galaxies of the cosmos, I pleaded for help as a 4.5 Billennia Earthling.

I emphasized our planet's inimitable beauty and lovable life forms. "We must be rescue-worthy!" I implored.

But the celestial lights of the universe simply shone back. "Why won't they help us before it's too late?" I muttered, "We would listen and learn."

"You already know the timeless truths and what to do," my mind echoed back. "No one need tell you more. You must simply rise now as lights amid the darkness. For wisdom must also be fused with its own bravery."