J. Phoenix Smith
MSW, Ecotherapist, Oricha Priest, Ecofeminist
San Leandro, California, United States

The Yoruba Goddess Ochun Said Save the Water

“500 years ago the world went dark, but I remember that great proverb “Without darkness there can be no light.””

Alafia and Peace to you my Relations:

Are you still living in the light? How is your vision? 500 years ago the world went dark, but I remember that great proverb “Without darkness there can be no light.” I pray that you have remembered and continue to practice the ancestral and Earth honoring healing ceremonies that were passed down from before my ancestors were enslaved. My ancestors were able to survive in very dark times so I pray that you are remembering and honoring the spirits through ceremony and divination. If there is any fresh water left on Ile, the Earth, I pray that every morning you give a drop to the ancestors in prayer as libation, and give thanks to the Yoruba Goddess Ochun who traveled out of Nigeria to Cuba, Brazil, Trinidad, and to the United States where I first encountered her.

Some of us tried our best to raise the consciousness of our fellow humans to turn the tide against the homicidal and pathological forces that were determined to destroy the Earth. Many Elders said this deranged behavior began when the sacred was removed from daily life and Humans became to be known as just Consumers and Slaves.

We were able to wake up some people but others were lost to the darkness. But we never gave up trying. Our plant relations continued to give us medicine during the dark times I lived in and we were able to save some seeds. You know where they are located, so please keep their location sacred and secret as they are the key to keeping you in and bringing back the light. Our two-spirit, Black and Brown warriors continue to keep up the fight against the “dreamers”, as the great Black Author Ta Naheisi Coates called those that consider themselves white. Most of the warriors are women and men in all bodies, shapes and forms who lead through their mastery of the secrets of the Mothers. Be sure to maintain the water ceremonies as Ochun says, because without water there is no life. I send you my love and strength from the spirit world, you know how to reach me just sing those songs I taught your ancestors.

One Love.