Ruth Ann Wiesenthal-Gold
Accidental Activist
Palm Bay, Florida, United States

I'm Not Yet Born...But I Ask You

“Will the countries today come together to protect the Earth?”

Dear People Responsible for the Future, Hi.

My name is yet to be decided. I am not yet born.

My grandparents are in kindergarten and do not even know each other as I write this. My parents, are unborn as well, but I know I am on my way.

What will the Earth have for me when I get there in about 50 years? Will there be water for me to drink? Will there be enough food? Will we have summers that never end with heat like you cannot imagine or winters that never end with cold, frigid and cruel, that you have never experienced?

Will the countries today come together to protect the Earth? Will you work together to protect my future and that of other babies yet unborn?

Will you take the steps, some easier than others, some very difficult and demanding, to assure that I have what I need? Can you, will you overcome differences to save the future?

My parents will likely teach me to treat others as I would want to be treated. Shouldn't that go for how we take care of our home, Mother Earth?

Please think of me when you come together. Please give the gift of a healthy future for me and all others of my generation to come. You know what needs to be done. Won't you please do it? Now? Before it is too late?

Thank you,
Unborn and unnamed but your future