Paris Winter
Adelaide, Australia, Australia

Reply from the future

“Have to admit it took you long enough to get things straight,,,”

Hi Oldies

Don't Panic. We've got it.

Have to admit it took you long enough to get things straight, but I can see you are afraid of what change might be like. Let me tell you the change in lifestyle is nothing to fear. The climate shift, yes, that is scary, still is. But the human shift is so easy it is embarrassing.

Stop burning stuff. You need to recognize the energy around you and withdraw it rather than add it to the system.

Let go of the fences and enemies. They are a distraction. It is a single flowing system. Talk to each other. Make things that have a life cycle that ends with new life. Plant things. Plant more things. Share the thinking, learn from each other.

Shift the economy to represent living value. Living growth. Share language, honor communities who can live in situ in ecologies. Learn from those patterns and organize for ecological growth. It is the real investment.

It is cool to have a small family. Or even no kids. There are other ways to give to the future. Any species that makes it through is a part of our living library. That living inheritance is made possible through a smaller population. Choose to give another species a future.

You know all this already. It is just the administrative habit you have to throw off.

Try tackling a change you want to see. What kind of organization comes from that kind of action? That's how it starts. Good luck =)