Raisa Haque
Milpitas, California, United States

Future me Future Us

“Technology officially destroyed us in war, education, and our relationships.”

To whomever this spreads love to: It is the year 5000. I am not quite sure where I am. I used to live a very secular and isolated life in this broken town but all that has changed. The militarian robots flew me to a new place. They said it would make me happy and find me well. It did not find me well at first because people looked different from me. I was surprised to see that we went back to live to the primitive life. It was archaic. I didn’t know how to approach the people covered in animal skin for clothes. Here I was, wearing my silver waterproof jumpsuit. I did not even think they were humans. I thought they were native creatures that took care of animals. But no they took care of themselves and each other. They were a family and they took me in. There was no technology around and I wanted to be afraid. I had no contacts anyway because I lost them to the destruction of my old town but it was still new to me. They welcomed me with a language that sounded almost familiar. It sounded like a combination of the dialects Spanish and Chinese. It was definitely foreign but I still recognized a few words. They taught me how to hunt deer, fish, bear, since I was a man. The women prepared bread, collected berries, and cleaned and fed the children. We lived in small huts and it was peaceful. I actually became friends with my new hunting partner. He showed me bow and arrow skills and I shared with him my knowledge of my past life. We were interested in each other but communication was still difficult. Despite the adjustments, I’m glad I was brought here. It was the simple life. It was just what I needed because technology officially destroyed us in war, education, and our relationships. This way we could actually have face to face contact, eat dinner with each other, and play five o clock games. Or what we thought was five in the evening because we had no clock to tell time. Nonetheless, it was enthralling to live in tranquility. I was slowly progressing and adapting to their lifestyle. I made my own hut and fell in love with a beautiful native woman who was a teacher. I loved life.