Sean Bechtold
San Francisco, California, United States

Five Possibilities for Your Thoughtful Consideration

“Yes, I saved the best for last. How else would you have me end this?”

Dear Us;

I've done a lot of thinking about our future, how best to prepare for it, and what future generations might think about my contemporaries. Although I've only anticipated a little of what we might expect, its better than the nothing we've anticipated so far because our evolution will almost certainly be best served by including a thoughtful consideration of what our offspring will think in all of the plans we make together.

First, life could continue as stable, where our environment remains constant. In this case, our descendants will wonder how we fell for all of the blatant lies society encumbers us with as well as why it took so long for us to apply our abilities and stand up for the better lives we all deserve.

Second, there could be a pandemic that, while devastating our population, would give mankind cause to unite in the face of a common cause. Our grandchildren would marvel at how we held ourselves to be so advanced in the face of such overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Third, the environment could unravel slowly, with the specter of millions of extinctions hanging over our heads. "Collateral damage," our children would watch dying all around them. This would cause grief at the waste of it all, and the myopic greed that caused it in the first place.

Fourth, the ecology could collapse suddenly, forcing an extremely violent mass migration all over the planet since two-thirds of us currently live near a shoreline. This would sacrifice millions of human lives and most likely cause our descendants to hate us.

Fifth, we might accept that evolution is a human responsibility, we're the only people we can depend on for help, that any forthcoming global warming will only be a practice session for the next Ice Age (which should happen within the next 100 to 1000 years), unite to build a future more deserving of our intelligence, use democracy to determine how we want our future to unfold, and work to establish a reliable basis to deliver what we know for certain our children’s grandchildren will need as they grow and move forward as the human species on Earth…the physiological needs of, water, clothing, and shelter (with sex being personal and not subject to social restrictions).

Yes, I saved the best for last. How else would you have me end this?