Dagmar L. Anders
Chemnitz-Germany, Germany

Can you imagine?

“PLEASE accept my apology for the the crime we did destroying the environment and leaving it behind for you to fix. ”

I just finished my vegan meal. That is normal for you. Most people around you eat vegan, most people on earth eat vegan. There is nothing to point to about it. But in my times there was. Eating a plant based diet was still not common. Although it is better, healthier, to eat vegan, we raised millions of animals to kill and eat them. Can you imagine, that we had lakes of waste from these animals, poisoning the earth and the people who lived around them? Can you imagine, that we cut down the rainforest, the lungs of the earth, to plant the crops to feed these animals and let our own folks starve to death? Unbelievable and cruel. But cruelty was involved in our daily life, in factory farms and in slaughterhouses and kind of normal for a lot of people. Barbaric, yes, and beyond excuse.

All this must be completely illogical for you. Why raise an animal, when you only use parts of it? That´s waste of resources you don´t have, expensive and unnecessary. Think about the medication animals had to eat, to stay alive in horrible conditions. These medications even harmed humans by creating resistant bugs killing humans and animals alike. Stupid and senseless, right? Shaking your head while reading? What we did is unforgivable, because we destroyed the planet, so you in your times still have to struggle to get over it.

What blindness we had, unable to understand, that we killed us in killing nature. Being cruel to us in being cruel to other living beings around us. Our acting was so wrong, so unimaginably wrong. Why did we behave that way? It was all for money. Yes money, the most important thing for the leaders in our world. How incredible to let them go with this!

Now you have huge problems with natural disasters. We left you an almost dead ocean, filled with trash. Beneath the earth we buried even more rubbish and the soil is toxic from pesticides. I hope the old leaders are gone now and your world is ruled by wise people with kindness and common sense.

There is one last thing I beg you: PLEASE accept my apology for the the crime we did destroying the environment and leaving it behind for you to fix.