Chandra Washington
Performing Artist, Writer
Austin, Texas, United States

"A Plea for The Ecology"

“ It is so unfair to future generations that they will have to suffer so gravely for what people before them destroyed.”

I grew up playing in the woods around my house. Besides the usual toys, we also played with and had great respect for the horned lizards, frogs, and turtles that would visit our property. One of my greatest memories as a child was watching nature programs on TV with my dad. It prepared me to have a great appreciation for the beauty of Nature I have come to experience in many parts of The Planet.

My profile picture was taken in Switzerland in the late spring of 2013. In the background is a "glacier" although beautiful, you notice there is no ice! This is very telling.

Back in 2006, I was in Jamaica. I took a tour in a glass-bottom boat. The highlight was *supposed* to be the coral, but there was none (none that was alive, anyway); only a grey, dead, desolate memory of its magnificence. So sad.

Back in 1996, I visited a beach in Honduras I had frequented in the past for its pristine sands and water. Returning that year, I met the horror of various plastic items littering the beach for miles! I literally cried.

Action MUST be taken NOW to clean up the mess made by the unconsciousness of the human species. I pray it is not too late already. It is so unfair to future generations that they will have to suffer so gravely for what people before them destroyed.

Mother Earth is responding the way she always does. She cleanses herself when others foul her. She will cleanse herself from THE HUMAN SPECIES, if something isn't done IMMEDIATELY to reverse the damage. Humans have exercised the technology to do everything they can conceive of. I implore our world leaders to take that ingenuity and create a solution to clean-up the mess made.

Bottom Line: The Planet will "survive"; She will morph and "repurpose" Herself and the manner in which She used to function (the ecology as we know it will change). However, THE PEOPLE will not be able to exist with no potable water (or none at all), no breathable air, and no sustenance which she used to provide.

Please consider this.
Most sincerely,
Chandra Washington