Anthony Robinson
Dallas, Texas, United States


To The Generations of the Future:

When we crossed over the bridge of the 20th Century into the 21st, we gazed out over a vast, empty plain: the future of the human species. Behind us lay the wreckage of industrial society: the extraction and combustion of the fossil inheritance, the tribal wars of attrition and consumption, the vanity of our technological prowess. But we carried with us an ancient gift: the wisdom of change, and out of the ashes of pessimism and destruction we laid the foundation stones of a solar economy and a new civilization, one we will never see, but that you must continue to build in this great experiment which is the human spirit. Now you must carry this torch, because like every new generation before: THE REVOLUTION IS YOU.

With Strength and Hope,

Tony Robinson, MS
Adjunct Professor, Environmental Sustainability, Southern Methodist University
President, FLUX Environmental
Author- High-Performance Buildings: A Guide for Owners & Managers