Ashly Olson
Bremerton, Washington, United States

Are we on the extinction list too?

“I find myself consumed with grief, unable to imagine what could change and turn our future into a brighter one.”

Dear future descendants,

I hope you are reading this in some history book, or on some blog years and years from the ones I’m living in.

The world I live in is something that only seems to drift towards the profiteering of few and the extinction of so many left in their wake. I grew up in a rural area, where I didn’t feel the effects of smog and wars over oil. It has only been as I’ve become educated of the nature of the economic beast, that I’ve grown to feel the weight of the world’s pain on my soul.

At this time our lives are something but a blip in the history of the earth, yet we are engineering and consuming an infinite amount as if to prove that we are the best and smartest that’s ever yet existed. Time is something that we never have enough of, always trying to squeeze 25 hours of work out of 24 and consequently the ones suffering are the ones not yet to have gotten the privilege of living. There are so many that know the wrongs being made, and can imagine the effect they will have, yet fighting against the powers of our society that only rewards the profitable due to their mass exploitations can be a difficult task.

I find myself consumed with grief, unable to imagine what could change and turn our future into a brighter one. I must rely on the fact that I know I alone can’t change all of the problems that our future must face. My contribution to the larger shift towards the favor of change will be how we succeed, how we decide our ultimate destiny and ensure the lives of the ones that I hope may read this one day.

I hope you learn of the wrongs made by our generations, the places we went wrong, and realize that though some thought of it as progress, there were ones, like I, who saw into the crystal ball and couldn’t accept what it was saying. It will be by these people you will memorize their lives and the movements they were a part of, that helped to create the habitable world you live in today and hopefully will also allow you to say you didn’t know of such things like smog or wars over oil.