Joaquín Cano
California Senate Consultant
Sacramento, California, United States


“Look at the Earth; you are destroying it. Its great ice masses are melting. ”

Dear great grandchildren,

Several decades ago I wrote this article about the damages we, humans, were inflicting to our Mother Earth. I wished it wasn't too late, and had the high hopes that if you finally would be able to read this letter, it probably will mean that, in the end, everything worked out at the Paris Climate Summit back in 2015.

Copy of my article:

"The mother earth is crying out in pain, and we confuse her groans with disasters;
she just wants to get our attention,
and does so in the only way she knows.

'It's not his fault that we ignore their cry, and continue destroying their places;
someday we will amend our mistake, hopefully that will not be too late.

The Blue planet is crying, and its tears become fire;
The earth is crying and its moans are breaking the big icebergs.

Meanwhile, we do nothing, we are only exploiting it and taking advantage of its best yield;
it is high time we start to care for our Mother Earth, or else all of us we'll soon be extinct."

I also wrote a song related to subject:

"I have dreamed I was flying so high that I was touching the sky with my hands;
I could feel the cotton clouds, and I heard a "singing bird".

I woke up, and I saw a flower with its gaze a little sad.
I asked it about the reason, and it answered me, with tears in its eyes:

Look at the Earth; you are destroying it.
Its great ice masses are melting.

The sky is not that blue anymore, the dirty smoke is turning it gray;
the bees are disappearing, what will it happen to me?

Since then I haven't been able to dream, neither with clouds nor with the sky;
I only see an artificial world, full of hate and resentment.

Maybe the flower convinced me that the world is in danger;
and that's how this clamor, full of sincerity, was born."

Just one last thought:
"Don't do to others, including Mother Earth, what you don't want others to do to you".

Take care,

Your great grandfather,

Joaquín Cano