Bobbi Katz
Poet/Author 82 years
Port Ewen, New York, United States

An Old Poet Wishes & Wonders About the Planet

“Please, people in power, do your best.”

Dear Stranger,

I call myself Old Woman, and I have fallen in love with Sky. I never tire of its changing beauty. In fact, as my time for leaving Earth grows closer, I'm more appreciative of it than ever: the trees, the plants, the rivers—the endless variety of life and landscape. I wish that all of today's children & tomorrow's could grow old on a planet as green as the one I grew old on.

I wonder how much global warming would have been diminished if the solar panels on the Carter White House had not been removed. Perhaps it's not too late to save our precious planet from the worst of the growing effects of a changing climate. Please, people in power, do your best.