Annette Faurote
Retired National Park Guide/Interpretor/Driver
Chico, California, United States

I am Grateful Everyday! (But please help, NOW)!

“My heart is breaking that so many don't seem to believe, care or act.”

What can I say. There are no real words to explain all that is going on in our world today. Earth and all the gifts it's given are so incredible and beautiful. I am grateful everyday for the amazing trees that shelter us, the wild animals that survive the onslaught of humans, the ingenuity of those that heal us, the kind and caring people...that truly are trying, the plants that feed us, the flowers that make us laugh, the sun that shines and warms me and so much more.

My heart is breaking that so many don't seem to believe, care or act. I can only think, that so many are naive, over-worked, dulled by TV and money; thus blinded to all the changes and sadness taking place around us. I keep the option open that soon people, many people, most people, will become wiser and that suddenly our society and world will wake up and jump into action taking what drastic measures are needed. With this new action repairing damaged ecosystems, creating new ways of living, growing healthy communities and prosperous life out of the bounty we still have left.

If not, I am incredibly INCREDIBLY sorry to those that follow and must deal with our mess. Some of us tried, most of us blew it! You deserved more!