Carolyn (Cary) Neeper
Writer and Student of Solutions for the Future
Portola Valley, California, United States

It's time to improve, learn, and care-not grow

“Please be realistic about this. We cannot escape to space...”

Dear ones:

We have such potential, we humans, but we also have some genetics to overcome--like cognitive dissonance--the tendency to refuse good evidence when it contradicts old beliefs. I'm sorry we couldn't understand our need to contain ourselves and our overuse of resources before our climate was threatened by too much carbon dioxide. You may have to regroup, degrow, and move north for a while. Please be realistic about this. We cannot escape to space, as some seem to escape. We have to take care of this precious, diverse Earth. Check out the real numbers--how far it is to the nearest star, how much time it takes, how much energy it requires. Be thankful that we live in a time when we know we are most probably not alone in the universe, that other suns have planets orbiting them that are blessed with enough warmth to sustain liquid water, that microbes probably live elsewhere in our solar system. Enjoy what we have learned--the miracle of our lives.