Ernest Zebrowski
Author and Retired Physics Professor
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, United States

Mother Nature alone is the final arbiter

“Mother Nature simply doesn't give a damn about human political ideologies. Or borders.”

Dear Casimir,

Do you know how to reverse an unwelcome truth? You start by lying about it, very loudly, and over and over. Then you coach others into joining you in repeating your lies and even improving on them. Eventually all those many lies will drown out the truth, and at that point you've succeeded. You've turned the original lie into a truth and the original truth into a lie. And this is exactly the strategy the climate change deniers are using as of the early 2100s.

Now I'm no longer around to witness how it all turned out for your generation, but I do predict that the brighter minds have prevailed, that the hydrocarbon huckster's current race to destroy the planet has been reversed, the necessary technological and social adjustments have been made, and as a result you now live in a much better world than you would have if the deniers had prevailed.

And why am I optimistic? Because, Casimir, Mother Nature simply doesn't give a damn about human political ideologies. Or borders. She does what she does based on natural laws that have been operating for billions of years now, and will continue to operate for billions more. Mere politicians, whether bright or stupid, can't change that part. And so, as the evidence of climate change becomes increasingly obvious to even the science bashers, I am confident that ultimately the better minds around the world will prevail, and humankind will begin to cooperate with Mother Nature instead of scorning her.